We all love a bit of spice, it changes a simple dish into something much more, the aromas simulate the senses and wake our appetite. Some consider spice to be to hot, this can not be further from the truth.

You have warm spices, even scented spices, different levels of heat, it all depends on your taste, that's the beauty of spice.

Here we have put together recipes which you can prepare and enjoy with friends and family, they range in complexity and are very varied, so there's something for someone.

We will be changing and adding recipes regularly so please visit to get some inspiration and feel free to ask questions if you require any help.


This is my version of the classic flat bread served all over Asia and eaten at every meal with curries, sauce, pickles, meat and vegetables or simply with butter and salt. Roti and parathas are normally made with warm water however I think adding milk instead makes it a little more softer. The lacha paratha is […]
The Massala “Winter cocktail” Ginger lemon honey and turmeric For those Autumn, Winter months this cocktail is fantastic to help build your immune system and fight that cold flu. Take everyday in the morning or before bed and trust me your feel great! In a glass of warm water add all the ingredients and mix […]