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Welcome to the new massala website, its been a while in launching but we are very happy with the final result. You are now able to book an event, a masterclass or private catering. Also you can have a go at preparing something new from the recipe page which will be changing regularly, so keep checking in for inspiration, and keep posted for the next massala event.

Massala what does it mean!

Massala simply means a mix of ground spices. Spices are mixed togther to create a massala which flavour the dish you are preparing, every dish has its own massala.

We have had a exciting 2016 with many events, working with many lovely people and colladorating with many organisations. Its been wonderful to introduce the unquie massala taste to a huge number of people, through catering, masterclasses and events and we look forward to doing it all again and new ideas in 2017!

Sange Sood

“It started as a hobby that grew into a passion, an addiction. I love everything about food, the culture, the expression, the aromas, tastes are intoxicating”

“Your constantly learning something new everywhere you go, then being able to share that through interpretations and creativity with others, is so satisfying”

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